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Building A Successful Marketing or Branding Campaign for your Retail or Corporate Business, Tradeshow, Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub or Street Party Event, using Drinkware and Beverage Accessories like custom imprinted Plastic Stadium Cups, Etched and Silkscreened Glasses & Mugs, Shot Glasses, Sports & Bike Bottles, unique Ceramic Coffee Mugs, WNA quality plastic imprinted Stadium Cups, insulated Can & Bottle Neoprene Koozies, and many beverage accessories!

Monday, November 10th, 2008

This week at and The Alpha Promo Branding & Marketing Blog & On-Line Promotional Customer Service Chat, we would like to introduce you to some great and creative promotional ideas, whether you’re marketing and branding a Restaurant, Retail Business, Corporate event, Tradeshow, or even a new Nightclub, Bar, or an upcoming City Street party. With the Holidays soon approaching and the weather getting cooler, you may be getting ready for an annual Employee Christmas party, or wanting to celebrate and give out Holiday gifts in December for Christian and Baptist, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Catholic, Jewish, Chrismukkah, or Interfaith or Multicultural religions and backgrounds. Either way, Alpha Promo World is here to help and offer some great and inventive ideas, even if you are on a tight budget in this current Economy and are look for wholesale discount promo products. Even some under $1.00! We have something for everyone, and are always here to answer you’re questions. You can call us at (321) 751-0022, e-mail us at , or try out our new Alpha Promo World Live Chat , and speak to a representative any time, with this great Instant Message Chat service! Immediate gratification- That’s what we’re all about!

Now, depending on what your goals are for your company or event, we’ll map out which direction that you want to go, to promote your company, Brand your company image, or give a special “Thank You”, to your client or employee who has been devoted to you all year. Let us know these goals, as well as what kind of budget that you’re working with, when you will need these promotional tools and who your target is. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to some proven successful promotional products that our clients have used recently!

The first thing that we’d like to discuss are wholesale promotional plastic printed drinkware for special events, as well as everyday promotional print tools. They’re fantastic for promoting, look great printed with your company’s custom logo colors, can be done silk-screened or full color four-color process and are very economical and cost effective with a tight budget. Plus, one of the things that we like best about many of our wholesale promotional products, is that they’re practical! What does that mean to you? That means that the end user will use them on an almost daily basis, giving your company logo great advertising and branding coverage wherever they use this project! The Office, the home, the beach, out on a biking or 5K Run event. Anywhere that other prospective clientele can view and be reminded of your products and services! Advertising that money can’t even buy in many other facets. And, often with a lot more effectiveness! That’s what we want. Now, what are these products?

When it comes to custom imprinted plastic drink ware, there’s a number of exciting avenues that you can take. We like to give you as many choices as possible, in a number of different price categories for your budget. A certain classic, yet as popular as ever, are plastic re-usable WNA quality stadium and printed souvenir cups. We produce thes for so many different types of Venues! Caters, Casinos, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores, Party Goods Stores, Restaurants, Hotels and Motels, Golf Clubs & Resorts, Convenience Stores, Amusements parks, Night Clubs and Bars, Ice Cream Shops, Warehouse Stores. You see them everywhere and with every establishment selling food. They also work great for Sports Teams and Sporting Events like Stadiums & Ballparks. They are also used often for Schools, Colleges, Churches, and Non-Profit Organizations. But everyone can profit from these, when it comes to marketing and Branding your Logo and Company. And chances are since they are extremely re-usable and top rack dishwasher safe, your clients customers and even employees will be using them from years to come. Just look in your cupboard and you’ll see what we mean! You can choose from small size 12 oz. custom printed plastic Stadium Cup, which work great for children! These, as well as all of our other plastic Stadium Cups, can be produced with Lids and Straws for additional cost and in larger quantities, can be produced as Glow In The Dark, or with silver or colored sparkles, tinted or even with 3 Dimensional custom designs! Sky is the limit at Alpha Promo World.

The next size up is our custom plastic 16 oz custom Stadium Cup, which can be ordered in solid colors, or as a nice translucent 16 oz silkscreened Stadium souvenir cup. If you would like a fluted style cup, which has vertical indentions around the cup for a better grip, you can choose our 17 oz. Fluted wholesale Stadium cup with custom silkscreened printing. The sizes then increase, to our 22 oz. plastic wholesale Stadium Cup, our 32 oz custom plastic Stadium Cup, our 44 oz traveling custom imprinted traveler Stadium Cups, and even a 64 oz. smooth Travel custom Souvenir Traveler Stadium Cup for the tall Big Drink!

Now, if you’d like to print your custom logo on a cup to giveaway, but have a slightly smaller budget, then our Frost Flex plastic souvenir cups with a beautiful and professional frosted exterior, if the cup for you. They come in many sizes and shapes; something for every occasion. Our collection of Frost Flex frosted plastic imprinted cups with our 5 oz discount plastic frosted cups. From there, we have quite a few different oz. size portions. We can print your logo on our 8 oz Frosted plastic cup, our 9 oz. squat frosted plastic cup, the 10 oz custom frosted party cup, a 12 oz. custom imprinted Frost Flex plastic cup, and 16 oz. silkscreened frosted plastic cup. Our sizes for the Frost Flex series, in fact, go all of the way up to a 20 oz plastic frosted souvenir cup and 24 oz. wholesale plastic Frosted plastic cup!

And if you’re looking for something incredibly unique, you’ll go ga-ga over our new Brite Lite translucent neon custom imprinted plastic cups! These stand-out gems will liven up a party or nightclub bar with the 16 oz. Neon Brite lite translucent cup, or our smaller 10 oz. Brite Lite Neon translucent custom imprinted cup. And, they both come in Yellow, Blue, Red or Orange. Plus, this series also comes in a 1.5 oz custom printed shot glass style! We sell tons of them, and it’s because it’s a great price for a great result!

Now, if you want something to giveaway that will keep Branding your image forever with plenty of people, you want to invest in the custom printed neoprene and foam drink cooler Koozies. Designs range from the classic cheap / economical wholesale collapsible custom can foam koozie, or the thick foam can and bottle koozie, the neoprene long neck bottle sleeve discount koozie, or the neoprene Zipper long neck bottle koozie! Tons of colors and they can be custom silkscreen imprinted on both sides. We can also print all of the versions as a full color / four-color process! Now, if you want something a bit more unique in this department of drink coolers, impress your clients and customers with our new Energy Drink custom promotional foam koozie, our House Shaped foam drink koozie, or our exclusive wholesale floating boat Life Vest custom promo koozie, which has been extremely popular this year! We even have something for all of you serious coffee drinkers on the go. Introducing, the custom printed thick foam Coffee Wrap, which slides right onto most any coffee To Go cup. Except THIS one will still with you customer, unlike the throw-aways that many people use and discard.

Sometimes, the occasion calls for something a bit more elegant and classy. This is what does best! This moment calls for celebration; It calls for custom imprinted, silkscreened and engraved / sandblasted glassware! This is where you make the right impression with the right people. And there’s plenty to choose from- 5.75 oz fluted champagne glasses, engraved 8.25 oz. custom Rock Glasses and Sets, 13.25 oz. promotional Double Old Fashion Sets, and 14 oz. custom Executive Double Old Fashion, to name but a few. If you want something more unique, try the 12 oz. custom Conica Beverage Glass, in a set of four. Beautiful shape. If you want something a bit more down to earth for Beer, try the Classic custom imprinted 13 oz. Beer Mug. A great idea for gifts at a Wedding.

We can also print your custom Company logo on many of our glasses and glassware collection. A few visuals, are the Stemless custom Martini Glass, the 12 oz. promotional imprinted pilsner which are incredibly popular with Bars and Pubs, a 6 oz. custom wholesale Brandy Snifter with optional gold rim, an elegant 6 oz. swirled stem custom Flute Glass, an 8 oz. custom printed Cosmopolitan Martini Glass, a 9.25 oz. swirled stem promotional Martini Glass, a top of the line sturdy and popular 8 oz. Executive Rock Glass and a 16 oz. custom printed glass Goblet, that you won’t find anywhere else! And, if Boat Drinks are your passion, then look no further than our 15 oz. custom imprinted Hurricane Glass! Plus, we always accommodate for more beer than the rest of the establishments with the One Of A Kind 23 oz. Giant custom printed wholesale Pilsner glass!

One of thing that some people think of when it comes to beverages, is holding them while on the go. And, we’ve got just the products for that as well. Choose between our insulated wholesale beverage holders like the very well known custom printed 52 oz. Bubba Kegs, the huge 72 oz. custom printed Bubba Kegs, and even the Lil’ Baby custom wholesale Bubba Keg! Something for the whole Family. If you want something a bit more elegant, you can have us produce your printed Logo on our promotional stainless steel Thermo Thermos, or the ever popular Low and Easy custom Coffee and beverage mug, with the low Rider look. If, on the other hand, you’re promoting your Contractor, Construction or Landscape Company and want something rugged, the Extra Large 22 oz. insulated economy promo Travel Mug is for you! Also, consider the wholesale promotional plastic Biking Bottle if you’re on two wheels, or the Climber promotional Sports Bottle, if you’re hoofing it vertically. The point is, we’ve got something for everyone which will appeal to just about any client you seek to make happy. Call us if you want ideas, or have an idea of what you want, but can’t find it! Next week, we’ll be discussing the Number One custom imprinted promotional drinkware items, for drinking nuts out there (Because it deserves it own discussion, period). Yes, the promotional ideas and unique designs of the Wholesale Promotional Ceramic Mug! We’re rolling some new designs out for the holidays, and you will NOT want to miss this. Talk to ya then!

Take this all in, use these products to truly bring across your message and don’t be afraid to call us and ask for help! Every company needs their own little “Marketing Department”, and that is what Alpha Promo World is here for. To help you succeed, whether you’re starting a business, or trying to build on an existing one!
These are but just a few of the ideas that we have to offer here at , and we would love to assist you in any way that we can, to make this marketing campaign, your most successful. We would also like to hear your success stories, right here on the Alpha Promo Blog! Simply click the comments section at the bottom of this Blog, and let us know what you think would be a great addition to the marketing products and ideas that you have read here.
Please do not hesitate to stop by our site, and view a ton of great personalized wholesale marketing promotional products, or call us direct, at 321-751-0022.
And, if you don’t see a product on our Alpha Promo World site, please feel free to call us and ask for it! Or, on our main page, you can try our Super Duper Rocket Alpha Search Engine, so you can search through our vast catalog of wholesale personalized promotional products for just the personalized product that you’re looking for. All wholesale products at affordable prices and ready for fundraising or networking. In Florida, or anywhere in the World!!!

We produce discount inexpensive unique merchandise for a vast array of Business Industries. Restaurants and Towing Companies in Dallas TX and Galveston TX, Marketing Companies in Orlando FL, Travel Agents in Manhattan’s New York City, Event Tradeshows in Las Vegas NV, Political Campaign promoters in Boston MA, Sign Shops and Marketing sales in Ridgely, MD, and Non-profit organizations in Harmony FL, to name but a few. And, we can help you too!

Whether you’re located in Bridgeport or Stamford CT, Minneapolis or St. Paul MN, south in Miami, Jacksonville or Fort. Lauderdale FL, Little Rock AR, Columbia or Charleston SC, Raleigh or Charlotte NC, or Baton Rouge LA. We assist in printed marketing needs for all types of Industries from Nashville TN, Boston MA, Madison WI, Kansas City MO, Portland OR, and DesMoines IA. We also cater to Restaurants and other fine establishments in Boise ID, Denver CO, Omaha NE, Tulsa and Oklahoma City OK.

Located in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area of the United States, we are the largest wholesale and supplier of personalized Promotional products; Alpha Promo World- featuring a World of promotional product and Marketing gift ideas wholesale direct to you! We pride ourselves in having the most competitive, affordable personalized promotional products that you can find In Florida, or anywhere in the World. Come visit Alpha Promo World when you want your Marketing, Sales and savings to Sky Rocket! Blast off, and visit us now at ALPHA PROMO WORLD!!!
We are also a direct wholesale International supplier for Europe and European countries like UK / United Kingdom (Great Britain) and London, Germany / Deutschland, Holland (The Netherlands / Nederland), Spain / Madrid, France, Italy / Italia, Norway / Norge, Ireland and Poland ; In fact, Internationally a wholesale supplier Worldwide, for China, Japan and even India. We can ship most anywhere in the World for you, dependent on the product available! Please feel free to e-mail us for current product and shipping estimates and availability confirmation!
And be sure to visit our Brand New Alpha Promo Blog!!! A Direct source for new and favorite Marketing ideas for every Business Industry Worldwide! Marketing Tips and ideas for promoting your brand new business, as well as building your client base for established businesses. The Alpha Promo Blog also receives great advise from experienced people in the promotional product marketing field, on what works best for them, along with highlights on brand new products and ideas in The Market. Stop on by The Alpha Promo Blog, and learn The Power Of Promo!!!

Peace and Promo- and the Alpha Promo Blog!

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