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Marketing and Branding A New Car Dealership or Car Detailing Business

Friday, August 13th, 2010

One our clients recently wrote, “I’m opening that car detail spot on the 23rd. Please send me your ideas for promo items. ( Car specific)

Our experienced response:

Dear Sir,

There’s alot of different marketing ideas and things that you could do, based on how you are celebrating/marketing, along with your available budget.
If you want to jazz up your establishment, and have it look festive, we can produce full-color printed vinyl banners, custom printed balloons (for kids and cars) in whatever color you like, plastic custom printed drink cups that you can offer your clients beverages with, while they’re waiting for the detailing.
We also produce wholesale printed corrugated signs for the surrounding area, we print custom t-shirts, custom printed caps and hats, and printed sun visors. We can produce full color temporary tattoos for the client’s kids, so that they’re more apt to want to come back. (Kids make alot of decisions for the family, and are great reminders!)
We can also produce printed plastic gift bags, that you can hand to your prospective and established clients with full color info sheets on your specials and services (we can also print these full color flyers), and you can drop some custom plastic keychains and custom fridge magnets in these bags, as thank-yous for coming by your establishment. These are also constant reminders for a client, and not expensive. This will also leave a true great first impression that will last a long time, and they will hopefully tell their friends of their experiences.
You can do a local mailing in specific areas of the community, with full color, two-sided custom printed postcards that we can mail for you, directly from our Production House. You can even add a fridge magnet to these postcards, that they will immediately slap on their fridge. Follow the mailing up with a phone call, for a more concrete result. you can even have your employees walk into these areas, and use our custom printed door hangers (with coupons), to dramatically increase these results.
In addition, we can supply you custom printed license plate frames to give your new clients as a Thank You, so that everyone in town sees your company’s name. Printed bumper stickers, too! If you have a considerable amount of employees, they can wear our custom printed shirt buttons, as an extra flashy eye-catcher.
Let me know what you think of these ideas, and how I can help you more, from there. Thanks…

Take this all in, use these products to truly bring across your message and don’t be afraid to call us and ask for help! Every company needs their own little “Marketing Department”, and that is what Alpha Promo World is here for. To help you succeed, whether you’re starting a business, or trying to build on an existing one!
These are but just a few of the ideas that we have to offer here at , and we would love to assist you in any way that we can, to make this marketing campaign, your most successful. We would also like to hear your success stories, right here on the Alpha Promo Blog! Simply click the comments section at the bottom of this Blog, and let us know what you think would be a great addition to the marketing products and ideas that you have read here.
Please do not hesitate to stop by our site, and view a ton of great personalized wholesale marketing promotional products, or call us direct, at 321-751-0022.
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Peace and Promo- and the Alpha Promo Blog!

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